Where the Boston Singles Are

Boston Dating Scene: Where are the Single People

Being unattached and single means you have the time to go out a lot…to wine & dine and hook up with friends or potential dates. Being unattached and single in Boston can be quite a challenge. Here, the single life is more than just hanging at bars and getting hangovers. For some single people, the bar scene attracts the wrong kind of people. In bars (or places similar to it), you know someone else's intention to hook up with you can also be interpreted as a pick-up.

A lot of unimaginable but potentially fun places can be a single person's haven here in Boston. Many single people admit to having done something extremely crazy just to seize a chance to get to know someone, whether it's in a bar or in an unlikely place…like the supermarket.

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So, where else do the nice single people hang around in Boston if not in bars?

The last place you would look for may just be the perfect venue. Below are some suggested places:

1. Bookstores

This is Boston, a college city. But even if half the population is filled with single college students, there are still a lot of interesting thirty or forty something's you can hook up with. Most bookstores have some sort of a club which you can join or frequent. Jessica, 30 years old, asserts that, "A bookstore is a great place to meet a nice guy, who isn't drunk or putting you on. Besides, you learn a lot about a guy by his literature preferences. And you know that he can read!"

2. Museums And Hobby Groups

Another potential place is in The Hub. It is a mix of highbrow fun and leisure, with museums such the Museum of Science or the Museum of Fine Arts. Similarly, there are a lot of community based wine groups in Boston, which serves as a place for young professionals to network and socialize. These activities may be too cultured or intellectual for some but people with similar hobbies and interests may find the right group of people to belong to. Mark, a 37 year old investment banker says, "While I did not expect finding my girlfriend here, it is one that I welcome with open arms. I mean, who knew?!"


3. Sports Groups

Bostonians love their sports teams and you can find just about any sports club with all sorts of activities around the city. Diving clubs, skating clubs, track and field clubs, cycling clubs, hiking clubs or dance clubs are just a few of your choices. Joining these will not only make your social life active, it may also help you hone your abilities and keep yourself physically fit!

Finding the right partner may just be a matter of variation and keeping your options open. Sometimes love does come along in the most unlikely places, most especially when you least expect it.


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