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Teenager and Teens dating in Boston

Over the years, Boston, a historical city rich in colonial architecture and monuments combined with modern flair, is slowly becoming a hip and happening place. New establishments like restaurants are opening up, employing celebrity chefs and offering a number of gimmicks and promos to entice diners. Consequently, downtown clubs are also sprouting everywhere. There is at least one particular club catering to a particular choice of music. Everywhere you go, there is something to do in Boston, and if you're the happening type, you will definitely enjoy the city.

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Unfortunately, Boston is a bit protective of the younger sets of party people (age 21 and below). Fake IDs are easily distinguished and stricter law against drinking are implemented by the city. However, the young ones (and maybe even the once-young) can still find other places to spend time bring a date and enjoy each other's company.

At the vicinity of Harvard Square is Club Passim. This venue is open to all, no age limit whatsoever. What they have is poetry readings and performance nights by local small time bands. On other occasions they have open mike nights. A few meters from this club is The House of Blues which also welcomes anyone 18 years old and above. The best crowd of young ones hang around the Central Square where various bands perform. It's next door neighbour, TT the Bears also have a couple of good acts to offer its patrons. Along Washington St is where you'll find Yesterday's, a club that hosts college nights during Thursdays.

Now, dancing is what most everyone love to do and even if you are underage, it's not going to limit you from hanging around dance clubs and enjoying the party scene. Bill's Bar welcomes anyone aged 19 and above to groove into their dance floors. The Lansdowne Playhouse is open to the same age brackets as well, except that they ask for a $15 cover charge.

If you and your date are not into dancing or music then Jillian's might be the place you wish to check out. It has an arcade, ping pong, pool and a mock casino and they welcome patrons 18 years old and above. Just outside the city, you could bring your date at the Good Time Emporium, located in Somerville. Like Jillian's they also offer arcade games and the like. And for a guaranteed good time, Faneuil Hall's The Comedy Connection is a place where people of all ages enjoy Boston's best stand-up comedy acts.