Boston Night Life Guide

Boston Dating Scene: Nightlife Guide

Boston is not a place with a beating nightlife. Inspite the presence of young college party people, most bars in this city are closed by 2 am. A smoking ban also limits people to gather inside bars and clubs. But despite this, there are still many interesting places to enjoy your time with a date. Boston has many more to offer those who wish to go out on a date night.

Here are some of Boston's best, when it comes to night life entertainment:

First off, there are a number of bars located in downtown Boston at the Fenway District, the Copley District or even at the Alley & Theatre District. Some offer outdoor seating, live music, dancing and dining. Avalon, located on Lansdowne St. is a popular dance club destination. The establishment hosts theme nights that include techno, swing, and reggae, among others.

The North End has rows of Italian restaurants, like Caffe Pompei, perfect for late hour rendezvous. Fire & Ice offers meals to be barbecued right in front of you. This makes for an interesting scenario you and your partner can share. The Quincy Market offers a wide variety of food choices, best to try on first dates, when you're still trying to figure out what your dates preference are.

Of course, dinner is a must for night outs and if you are going to make this an impressive occasion, it might as well be something really worth it. Mamma Maria's menu offers unparalleled dishes for perfect dining. Located at the North Square, it has an exceptionally romantic atmosphere. You and your date can either request for a private room at Mamma Maria's or dine in the terrace on a mild summer evening.

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Date nights don't always have to involve watching dinner and movies. You can also bring your date to Jillian's, located at the Good Time Emporium. Jillian's have pools, foosball, ping pong and arcade games you and your date can enjoy. You might want also to try rollerblading at Memorial Drive on Sunday nights when the square is closed to vehicles.

For an unforgettable night, why not bring your date to a Ghost Tour? Boston Information Center located at Tremont St. offers tours to Boston's "haunted houses". While this may seem an odd choice for a date, it can be quite an amusing experience. If you're not up for a horrific tour, you and your date can instead go on a Chocolate Tour and sample chocolates from the finest chef's of Boston.

For a relaxing dinner afterwards, we suggest catching a show at the Mugar Omni Theater in the Science Museum or at the Symphony Hall in Massachusetts Ave. The comedy club, Shear Madness, is also a popular favorite with the crowd.

Boston's night life may not be as happening as compared to other cities. But Boston offers something different, an experience that something you and your date can treasure for years to come.