Date Ideas on Low Budget

Boston Dating Scene: Dating on a Low Budget

Dates do not have to diminish the content of your wallet. And even if you're tight on cash, your dates also need not be boring. With proper planning, resourcefulness, creativity and a little imagination, a date-on-a-budget can be loads of fun. Sometimes the relaxed ambience of a simple date is actually more enjoyable because it allows couples to loosen themselves up. Besides, people open up more in a comfortable atmosphere.

Boston, a place famous for its theaters, restaurants and entertainment venues, also provide many prospects for the perfect dating place, albeit inexpensively. Its museums and cafes are affordable, and more importantly, romantic. Some less expensive dating venues are even truly one of a kind, it is sure to make a lasting impression.


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Turn theater and arts into an inexpensive dating opportunity. The Coolidge Corner Theatre is a historical building with a romantic art deco theme. It shows many foreign, independent art films which will be an original thing to do on your date. It is something that simply creates memories, one your date may treasure and enjoy for some time. The Gardner Museum is another ideal and inexpensive dating venue. During the cold winter nights in Boston, the interior garden of the Gardner Museum is just the right place for you and your date to warm up. You and your date can spend the time comparing and sharing which of those you like best in the museum. In this manner, you spend the time getting to know each others preferences.

In the North End is Mike's Pastry, an Italian shop serving cappuccinos and pizza at affordable rates. It is frequented by a number of people and on busy nights it can become quite crowded, but the place is perfect for a simple romantic rendezvous. You and your date can relax and spend hours sharing a cup of coffee, while exchanging interesting stories. South Street Diner, which is a twenty-four hour 50's themed diner, is a cozy spot you and your date might also enjoy. They offer breakfast from the grill, which is a fitting start to your perfect date. Their special chocolate mouse is the perfect dessert to conclude it.

What can be more romantic than ice skating? Boston's Common Park One's outdoor skating rink is open daily and is a great venue to mix fun and romance with your date.

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Thinking of a fun activity you can do together? Then head over to Blackstone St, where the Haymarket is. A visit to the shops there will make an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for you and your date. On an early weekend you both can shop for fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood, which you can cook together later on. Taking the time to prepare the food is quality time well spent with your date.

Bear in mind that a date should be fun and that quality is more essential. Even with a tight budget, you can use your imagination to come up with ways to spend a romantic day. The tips we've just shared above will definitely impress your partner and for sure, a second, third and even a fourth date should happen very soon.